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Check out some of our freezer items


Bubble n Squeak  $2

Chicken Breast Tenders $5 

Sweet Chilli Tenders $5

Steggles Chicken Breast Goujons 1kg $11

Steggles Chicken Nuggets 1 kg $9

Mr Chen’s Chow Mein Noodles 450g $2

Ocean Royale Crumbed Fish Fillets  $5

Ocean Royale Whiting Bites $8

Birds Eye Crumbed Fish 425g $5

Pies and Sausage Rolls 1 point each

Primo Original Twiggy Stix 200g $2

Beef Mince 500g 3 star   $5

Brannans Butchery Sausages 1.8kg $10

Salmon pieces 1kg $16

2kg Bacon Pieces $13

Flora original spread 500g $3