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Specials This Week Tues to Fri 27th to 30th June

Plenty of fruit and vegetables arriving Tuesday

Avocados 2 for $1, Apples 6 for $2, Carrots $1 per kg, Potatoes $3 for 2kg, Pumpkins $1 each Watermelon $4 each or 2 for $6, Cauliflower $2

All Chocolate Bags $1 (several different types)

KIWI Neutral Shoe Polish 50g

All Pumpkin types only each $1

SPC Spaghetti in Tomato Rich Sauce 420g   $1

THREE BOWLS OF RICE NOODLES BRAND Braised Beef Mixed Instant Rice Noodles 362.5g (several flavours to choose from) $1

HART AND SOUL Vegetable Paella 150g

12 Soft Drinks 1.25ml $7 (excluding coke types)

All $2

Large Powerade and Gatorade

SPC Sliced Peaches in Juice 825g

SNACKZILLA BBQ Chickpea Crackers 18g x30

IXL Strawberry Jam 480g

Ferrero Collection 15-piece box 172g (or box of 6 $10)

Primo Twiggy Stix (Frozen)

Edgell Corn

Edgell Mixed Vegetables

Tennis Balls pack of 3


Birdseye Crumbed Fish 2 for $7 (425g each)

HARVEST Onion & Braised Steak   $3

DEVONDALE UHT Skim Milk 1L x 10   $12

MAGGI Rich Gravy Mix 2kg     $13

TORK Industrial Heavy Duty Clean Cloth Cbi 160’s x 1 Roll   $4