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Specials 22nd November to 24th November


NAPOLINA Creato Napoli Plum Tomatoes 400g x 4    $2

FERRERO Rocher Chocolate Gift Box 16 Pack 200g  $2

Edgells Mixed vegetables 420g   $1

NAPOLINA Cannellini Beans 400g   $1

CAMPBELL’S Country Chicken Noodle Soup 500g  $2

CAMPBELL’S Real Soup Energy Tomato And Basil With Lentils 515g x 3   $1

WOOLWORTHS Essentials Black Tea 100pk  $2

NIVEA Naturally Good Organic Oat and Nurishment Body Lotion 350ml   $3

VOOST FEplus Iron Effervescent Tablets Raspberry Flavour 10 Tablets  $2

VOOST Kids Calcium Berry Plus Vanilla Effervescent Tablets 20’s $2

VOOST Performance Vitamin B Tablets 20’s $2

CARMAN’S Muesli Cookies Classic Fruit and Oat 215g   $1

FANTASTIC Original Blackrice Rice Crackers 100g $1

CSR White Sugar 1kg  $2

CUCUMBER approx 6 for $1

KELLOGGS Corn Flakes 725g $4

PURINA Supercoat Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food 7.5Kg  $12

FOSTER CLARKS UHT Vanilla Custard 1L $2

Whittakers Creamy Milk Coconut Block 250g Chocolate $2

Vegemite $1

SUNRICE Microwave Chicken Style Flavoured Rice Pouch 450g $1

PURINA Supercoat Dry Dog Food Large Breed with Real Chicken 7.5Kg    $12

5 Packets for $2

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Beef Stroganoff 175g

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Butter Chicken 175g

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Satay Chicken 175g

KAN TONG Honey Soy Garlic Stir Fry Meal Base 175g        plus more types