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SPECIALS  1st to 4th August 

UNCLE TOBYS Vanilla Cheerios Low Sugar Cereal 510g  $3


FARMADALE Full Cream Long Life Milk 2L x 6  $13

MI GORENGI Fried Instant Noodles Nouilles Sautees 85g x 40     $8

PURINA FELIX Sensation Jellies for Cat Assorted Flavours 85g x 12pk    $4

ROYAL CANIN Dry Dog Food Puppy up to 15months Boxer 12Kg Bag  $45

SPRITE Lemon Plus Caffeine Zesty Lemon Flavour 390ml x 24    $6

ACADEMY Travel Adult Ticket Wallet  2 for $1

KIKKOMAN Gluten Free Oyster Flavoured Sauce Plastic Bottle 245g  $1

JOHN WEST Anchovies in Olive Oil 45g  $1

ALLENS Sourz Party Animals Lollies 170g   $1

ONIONS Red 1kg bag   $1

Cauliflower 1kg-2Kg each   $2

COLES Table Salt 500g  $2

CHICKEN TONIGHT Honey Mustard Cooking Sauce 485g   $2

Bananas 8 for $2

KAN TONG Chinese Barbecue Cooking Sauce 520g   $2