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Specials Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th September

Spend $50 this week and receive Frozen Mystery Bag (includes 5 frozen items)

POTATOES Fill a bag $1 (Free with a $10 spend in the shop)

Bananas 6 for $1

VEGEMITE Glass Jars 150g

TEA CHA Mugs  $2

CAMPBELLS Real Stock Flavour 250ml  All Flavours $1

FERRERO Collection T24 Chocolate Box 269g   $5

Watermelons All sizes $4 each

CADBURY Assorted Flavour Chocolate Block 180g $3

SPC Tropics Diced Tropical Fruit Salad in Juice 113g x 4pk  $2

PRAISE Traditional Mayonnaise Squeezable 365ml   $2

5 Packets for $2

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Beef Stroganoff 175g

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Butter Chicken 175g

MASTERFOODS Recipe Base Satay Chicken 175g

KAN TONG Honey Soy Garlic Stir Fry Meal Base 175g        plus more types

PURINA Fancy Feast Classic Poultry & Beef Sliced Cat Food Can 85g x 12   $6 buy 3 get one free

MARIONS KITCHEN Massaman Curry Paste 190g  $1

MARIONS KITCHEN Thai Green Curry Paste 190g $1

MARIONS KITCHEN Thai Red Curry Paste 190g $1

FIBRE ONE 90 Calories 4 Donuts Chocolate Flavour 4’s 92g  $1

MORNING FRESH Dishwashing Liquid Limited Edition 400ml   $2

NIVEA Naturally Good Organic Oat and Nourishment Body Lotion 350ml  $3

TORK Industrial Heavy Duty Clean Cloth Cbi 160’s x 1 Roll   $5 or 10 for $40

 THREE BOWLS OF RICE NOODLES BRAND Braised Beef Cooked Instant Rice Noodles 604g 

All Flavours $1

NATIO WILD RANGER Eau De Toilette for Men 50ml    $6

UNIBIC Shortbread Fingers 200g  $2