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SPECIALS TUESDAY 7th November to Saturday

FOSTER CLARKS UHT Vanilla Custard 1L    $2

Whittakers Creamy Milk Coconut Block 250g Chocolate  $2

KELLOGG’S Coco Pops Limited Edition 585g   $3

Woolworthes Roast Chicken  Chips 175g  $2

SUNRICE Quick Cups Super Grains Multi Grain Blend Rice 40 Second Microwave 250g   $1

Vegemite $1

SANITARIUM Weet-Bix Breakfast Cereal 375g   $2

Packs of Tongs (5) Plastic $4

PURINA Supercoat Dry Dog Food Large Breed with Real Chicken 7.5Kg      $12

Maggi Chicken Noodle Cups 12 per box $7

Maggi Chicken Flavoured Booster 7kg  $15